Drop-In Bedliner Damage





  • 70% Polyurea*
  • 30% Polyurathane*
  • Commercial Grade Material
  • Sprayed on Hot 180º F

  • Sprayed on at High Pressure 2200 psi
  • Fine Finish
  • Semi-Skid Resistant
  • Very-Abrasive Resistant

    *(Most hot sprays use between 30% to 50% Polyurea) Ours is 70% polyurea - commercial grade...

    Your new Ultimate Xtreme spray on liner gives your truck bed the best protection possible. Because the liner is professionally sprayed on, the entire truck bed is sealed against moisture. This  protects the truckbed  from rust and corrosion forever...

    The thick surface of your liner protects the bed against scratches, dents and scuffing. No matter what your loads are, the your liner will help protect your truck bed, adding more life to your vehicle.

    The textured surface of your liner makes your truck bed a safer place to work and play. While still allowing loads to slide on and off, the surface helps keep you feet, and your loads, from shifting. Also, the material is resistant to many chemicals, helping protect your truck bed from saltwater and spills such as gasoline or oil, chemicals from the pool will not hurt your Ultimate sprayed on lining.

    Your truck will last longer and have a higher resale value with an Xtreme Liner. Over the years, your  liner will  prevent rust, scratches, dents and abrasions, extending the truck's service life and giving you a better ownership experience.

    Nothing improves the looks of your truck more than an  Ulitmate Xtreme Liner. Unlike some other dull liners, the liner has a beautiful,semi- glossy look that lasts. And because the liner is custom-sprayed to the contours of your truck bed, the entire truck bed has a clean, continuous surface.

    All this means is, that in all likelyhood, this liner will Outlast your truck!