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Time is approaching fast  toward the autistic walk in April for the 2013 walk at Lehigh Parkway, Allentown,Pa.  Over 6000 people came to make 2012 very productive and raised lots of much need funds for Autism Speaks. $350,000 plus was raised, and hopefully we can top this amount next year. Go to the Autism speaks website and join the Skills USA team on the walk, and donate on line to this most worthy cause.  The awareness of Autism is growing every day with many tv and radio spots, and many top personalities talking about this affliction that is affecting 1 in 20 children in some manner from slight to severe, in which it just devastates  families, and breaks up families. I know of several friends that have divorced because of their children being autistic. The stress of handling such a child is very challenging to say the least. My goal is to see what can be done here in the lehigh valley, and raise money after the lehigh walk to put toward local projects, and support groups for parents of autistic children. As time goes on, I will keep you updated on what I am thinking.

I would like any comments and help on this.