Drop-In Bedliner Damage





About 32 years ago, we started A-plus Collision Center, specializing in Auto and Truck Body repair and painting in the Lehigh Valley, and the Northeast Pa. area. Our quality of automotive body repair is of the utmost importance to our technicians and management.

And, by the way, do not let the insurance company tell you where to have your vehicle repaired... You have the right to take your vehicle to the repair shop of (your choice) It is against the law to tell you that you must take your vehicle to their "preferred shop". Many insurance companies are "steering", and this is because they get special deals from the shop. And many times, this really does not benefit you as much as it benefits the insurance company. Make the choice yours....it is your right.

We have installed the latest equipment, such as our PPG computerized paint mixing system, for paint matching, an 8 tower frame machine for pulling frames, equipted with laser equipment, for the most accurate frame alignment, In 2012 new Mig welders with aluminum welding capabilities,for proper welding of panels and supports, a Bonanza million-BTU bake booth for professional and beautiful paint jobs. Also purchased was a new Keiser Screw rotary air compressor and dryer for clean oil free dry air for profressional paint jobs.

In 1995 we brought the Lehigh Valley sprayed-on POLYURETHANE AND POLYUREA truckbed liners.

In 1995, We were Known as: "The BEST spray-on truckbed Lining Dealer" in the Lehigh Valley, Pa., The place to go for your sprayed-on polyurethane truck bedliners. We have sprayed in the past 17 years over 16,000 trucks, and have installed many Jeraco and Jason truckcaps, Westin nerfbars, grilleguards, steps, toolboxes and many other truck accessories. Not only pickup trucks, but dump trucks, utility work trucks, tubs, tanks, speciality vehicles, sewer trucks, bins,  jeeps, flooring from rides at amusement parks, and on and on for all those special applications.

In AUGUST 2005

We started spraying: "Ultimate Xtreme Linings "......

With Ultimate Xtreme sprayed on liners, they manufacture the most up-to-date polyurethane materials, for consistency, and the most advanced technology available today in polyurethane chemistry.
Ultimate SPRAY-ON BEDLINERS, along with the new digital spray equipment we installed, makes for perfect ratio control.

 70% polyurea and 30% polyurethane materials that is very durable for highly abusive punishment.

There are many sprays on the market, from Line-x,  Gatorhyde and Toff Liners, Rhino Liners, Tuff Coat, Speedie Liner, Reflex linings, Hurculiner, Armorthane, and on and on. These liners are not the same, and the application is so important. How they put it on, and the quality of the work. We warrant our work 100 %, and our reputation is everything.

We are keeping up with the latest technology and highest quality spray techniques that NO ONE does a better job.



We are the Truck Accessory leader in the Lehigh Valley, and Northeast Pensylvania

Our showroom presents Tonneau covers such as Access covers, Retrax roll up covers,Extang Tonneau Covers, Diamondback Aluminum Covers, Roll n' Lock, Undercover, Jeraco Truck Caps, bug shields, steps, tool boxes, ladder racks, and all types of truck accessories to give your truck the look you want.




We install what we sell. Our facility has over 15,000 sq. feet with a customer waiting room for "will wait" jobs. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while you wait, or

We offer shuttle service to the Lehigh Valley Mall, and will pick you up when your truck is finished in a few hours.

Our primary concern is Customer satisfaction, with producing a high quality job, so that you pass on the good word on how we did your truck.

Quality craftsmanship is important to us.

Ultimate Linings is the place to go for high quality work at a fair price.